Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ancient India and Ancient Greece

Generally an anti Hindu anti India article, Aryan Invasion theory has no evidence and has been debunked. Just as the PIE (Proto Indo European) language is looking for a civilization that has no evidence as well. The US is a christian country and India is Hindu and proud of it. Its civilization dates back at least 5000 years with an unbroken history preserved by Sanskrit. If anything the Western Greco-Roman history was lost between 400ACE to 1200ACE by Europe, until reinvented with the help of the church. So the Parthenon in Athens Greece was a Mosque for 300 years until the Venetians blew it up in 1657 killing 300 muslim women and children sheltering inside it, and that's when it lost its roof and is the building we see today. Modern Greece we know today was recreated in the  image of Ancient Greece, by the colonial British and French rulers, at the London Conference of 1832 and does not have a continuous history with Ancient Greece that described in Arabic texts, as translated into Latin in 1200ACE by the Venetians.

Letter to Shri Modiji Nepal India Relations

Message from our Nepali Hindu Brothers

I am from Nepal, and thus like to bring a few related issues. Please request Modi jee to correct the evil policies of Indian Congress and Indian Communists in Nepal. We are not asking to use Indian Influence. We are merely asking India to help Nepalese people to be free and live without terror of Maoists and duplicity of Christian conversions. Unfortunately, both INC and CPI used their power against Nepalese people and against the age old friendship between Nepalese and Bharatiya peoples.

Let me point that bad things happening in Nepal have direct consequences to India. If Maoists forms terrorists camps in Nepal, will it leave India untouched? If Church's dubious planned conversion program succeeds in Nepal, will it leave India untouched? If India does not wake up in time, then you have not only Pakistan but also Christian and Communist Nepal as head ache for good.

Modi Jee may ask briefing from the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu to ascertain following issues.
A. INC, CPI and Western countries supported Maoists insurgency in Nepal against democratically elected government to impose Communism. It costs Nepal over 17,000 lives and destruction of invaluable economic infrastructure. Nepalese youths are leaving Nepal by bus and plane loads just keep soul and body together. 
B. INC, CPI and Western countries bribed corrupt politicians to declare Nepal, one and only Hindu rastra in the world, a secular state. Nepal being a Hindu rastra was not about theocracy or discrimination based on religion. But it was merely a pride in our heritage, values and roots.  Yet, it was snuffed to facilitate Christian conversions.
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        Editor of the ‘Arthik Abhiyan’

We are not asking to use undue influence in Nepal. We are merely asking India to recognize the appropriately expressed Nepalese interests and views. And India should not recognize illegally and undemocratically imposed decisions. For your information, the declaration of 'secular' Nepal has no mandate, unconstitutional, unacceptable and treason against Nepal.
Thank you very much.

Most sincerely,
Tilak B. Shrestha, Ph.D.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Indo-European Kashmir Forum Congratulates BJP and Shri Narendra Modi

Indo-European Kashmir Forum Congratulates BJP and Shri Narendra Modi
May.18th 2014
On behalf of the Indo-European Kashmir Forum Executive ,Members and the UK Kashmiri Hindus we congratulate the BJP and Shri Narendra Modi for this historic victory and for  winning  a majority vote in India's Lok Sabha. We look forward to the BJP and Shri Narendra Modi addressing  many current challenges facing India today ,the world most populous democracy .
The Indian electorate has been decisive in accepting good governance for all and Shri  Narendra Modi   will, undoubtedly,  create  a strong government , stable economic growth and security for all ,irrespective of caste and religion .We hope every one in India  flourishes  and prospers under Shri Modi's leadership. We wish every success  to the newly formed BJP Government and to Shri Modi.
We  congratulate the Overseas Friends of the BJP in the UK ,also the Executive  Team,Mr. Lalubhai Parekh , Mr.Amit Tiwari  and Dr. Surendra Shrama .It is nice to see the BJP supporters celebrating the victory up and down the country.
Krishna Bhan   On behalf of the IEKF Executive
For further information contact Krishna Bhan  on 07886439509 or by e-mail :- bhank17@live
Indo-European Kashmir was founded in the late eighties with the support of the wider Indian communities. The Forum is the voice of the displaced Kashmiri Hindus in India and in the Valley. It also seeks the return of Kashmiri Hindus to the Valley of Kashmir  with guaranteed security and freedom to exercise their religious faith and their cultural way of life. The Forum continues to investigate violations of the human rights of the Kashmiri Hindus at the hands of terrorist organizations.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Letter to the Financial Times UK on Indian Elections

Your coverage of the Indian elections has been the fairest I have seen yet (17th May). While many in the western media have attacked Mr Modi's Hindutva credentials, I for one am proud of this aspect. While there are 52 Islamic nations  many Christian countries, David Cameron recently calling the UK a christian country and one Jewish state there are no Hindu countries in the world. Mr Modi was constantly attacked under the guise of secularism for his Hindu ideals and a perception that the Indian Muslim minority will be under threat if he was elected. What Muslims, Communists, Secularists and Christians fail to understand is religions have a founder, a god, a holy book and a time when it was set down, and divide peoples into believers and non believers. Hindus have no founder, no book, hundreds of gods, have been around since man began to think some 7000 years ago and do not divide populations, each individual is free to pursue his own calling and his own God. The problem Hindus face is when this freedom is under attack by the "religions" mentioned above. 

US China and India Relations

A suggestion to Shri Modi to learn from the China model. China has ignored the West and the US ever since Mao and the communist party defeated US backed forces of Chiang kai shek. It has surpassed India on many fronts and one driving factor has been the pride in Chinese language, history and culture. Historically both nations more are culturally aligned to each other than any western country. India never fought for her freedom Congress under Gandhiji was agitating since 1920's for freedom. It was only after WWII bankrupted Britain 1945 did they grant independence to India 1947. Indians where physically free from the British but still mentally enslaved. Many of the ruling elite today aspire to a English speaking British or American education, this now has to end. This election was won by a generation not whole educated abroad and now is a chance to promote Indian culture and values. India has survived without the US since independence, historically the US has been anti India and pro Pakistan so it cannot be trusted. Shri Modiji should talk to the US on his terms and not bow like the previous government.  The US and Obama can wait. Many NRI's may wish US UK relations to be good but that is not necessarily always in the interests of Indians and India.  

Monday, May 19, 2014


 A religion has one founder, one book set down at a fixed time, divides people into believers and non believers (eg Kafir or Pagan). Fundamentalist are people who follow THE book literally taking it and no other as THE word of God. Hindus or Aryans have no founder, no book, do not divide people into believers and non believers,  have been around since man began to think some 10000+ years ago.  They gave rise to Math and language, Zero a concept of non existence is at the heart of Hindu Dharma.  Sanskrit and Math have their roots in Hindu Dharma. Hindus practice Dharma for which there is no word in english. Hindus have hundreds of Gods and as many books and each individual is FREE to follow his conscience. Hindus instead perch  Karma, that is, each persons action or act in life creates consequences, immediately, tomorrow, next year or next birth. Actions with good consequences where logically laid out such as LOVE PEACE FORGIVENESS CHARITY  HUMILITY EGO SELFISHNESS BRAVERY FEARLESSNESS TRUTH KNOWLEDGE OF SCRIPTURES etc Hindus are true  to such pagan beliefs if both ancient Roman and Greece. Hence is the oldest civilization known to man.

Secularism,  the French call it "laicité", was introduced into the Republic as, "France shall be an indivisible, secular, democratic and social Republic. It should ensure the equality of all citizens before the law, without distinction of origin, race or RELIGION." the monopoly of the Roman catholic church over French affairs was dismantled by the proposal of a "neutral nation" which gave more importance to the freedom of conscience. Thus, the French used the concept of "secularism" to break the backbone of Christianity in France. Secularism was  implemented to break Christianity and by extension the Vatican's hold over French national affairs. The problem for India is Hindus are not a religion nor have a book.

 When the Victorian British Christians ruled India they only understood the world in terms of the Bible, unable to convert the Hindus they "gave" the Hindus their own  bible the Bhagvad Gita, in order to make sense of their world view, and so made Hinduism into a religion. This then allowed Secularism to be introduced to India, an alien western concept solely designed to break the hold of the catholic church in France and other Christian states of Europe.