Thursday, February 27, 2014

First Hand Encounter with Corruption

We read of corruption in poor nations and how it eats away at the fabric of a nation. Rich nations can afford the many checks and balances from judiciary, government to the police.
With 58% of Indians on the breadline this is a luxury India can ill afford, though it has all the laws it needs, corruption is rampant from the nations leaders in government down to the lawyer on the street. To then came across it in an unusual quarter at first hand was shocking. I love Indian history so a visit to a renowned ancient manuscript museum in India lead to an unexpected meeting with its academic and curator. I told him all the documents should go online and he concurred. I offered to donate basic IT items missing from the museum an internet connection, a computer and a scanner. I can't even get a simple desk he replied, and said money was not an issue. It turnout the institution has had many grants made to it, using his name, by the government's cultural ministry, but the trustees of the institution pocket the money. His employment allowed grant applications to be made, yet he was he was not the beneficiary, and was thinking of resigning in frustration, with nobody to turn to. I was dumb founded at his story  which he asked to be kept anonymous, as he had a child going through college. He was very glad to meet me at such a low point in his career and made suggestions for ways to help him out of his predicament. BJP'S PM candidate has touched on this very topic, that of governance and black money. There is enormous waste of potential, talent and money which is waiting to be unleashed with the right government in India.m

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hindu Dharma Marriage and Religion

There can be much confusion if we adopt wrong names and labels to a topic and that is the case with Hindus or Indians neither term is indigenous to the continent  both have been introduced by invaders the first by Muslims the second by the British. Nowhere in the entire 10000+ years of known Hindu literature do these words arise. The indigenous term is Aryan, meaning a noble learned person. Today throughout the world we see Aryan customs being practiced, recent archaeological evidence debunks the aryan invasion theory, that some how they came from outside India. Aryans spread out from an area covered by Pakistan Punjab and Gujarat through which the ancient Saraswati river flowed called the Saraswati civilisation

Hindu dharma is the culture of the Aryans the primary language being Sanskrit, the mother of all European languages. Two of the sixteen sanskars or customs are naming a new born baby and marriage. Where ever they occur in the world, the roots and logical explanations lie with the Aryans. Aryans do not discuss other religions because they predate them, and the fact that today's Hindu culture has a continuous unbroken link to the beginning of human civilization is a wonder in itself, and is rightly considered a way of life rather than a religion. A religion has a founder, a book and a time when it was set down none of these apply to the Hindus. They also discuss how the pagans or kafir are to be dealt with in great detail, this in-turn lead to the destruction of many pagan temple, in Rome this is well documented, the pre-Christian Romans, I would best describe as Hindus of today did not require followers to have faith in any one book or person. The Victorian British tried to make sense of this by making the Bagvad Gita the Hindu holy book, when ruling India, and have left many damaging laws and customs not of Aryan logic. Their efforts at conversion lead them to study Sanskrit and demean Brahmin's the carriers of Aryan knowledge from the time since the discovery of language.

The English term "NAME" and custom is of Sanskrit origin, made of two word "NAH" and "MAHMA", NAH is NO and MAHMA is ME both are sanskrit. Therefore NAME means NOT ME but only God, or a human has no existence but for God, names are also from divine deities and religious terms, to remind the person of his true nature that of Atman (soul) in relation to God. 

Similarly sex and its ritual custom of marriage are rooted in Aryan custom. Religions do not have a logical explanation for this custom. Logic is one thing Aryans relied on and ended up giving the world maths and the Hindu numerals their ultimate logic tool. Aryans studied both Sanskrit and Math in the same vain this had two attributes, it made Sanskrit a mathematically precise language and also there was no separation between science and Hindu "religion". An example is of the Shiva at CERN  atomic labs in Switzerland today. The Hindu 

With the advent of religions, when Aryan converted forcibly in most cases, makes Shri Chawla's case today's world very brave. His task is complicated having to explain to people of faith who in all cases adopt Aryan culture but have lost sight of their origins. In Christianity the English have a saying "tied the knot" which does not occur in a church but seen in the pagan Hindu ceremony. The Aryan term for divorce being "untied the knot". The other is the wedding ring placed on the second finger. That figure is connected to the heart in Ayurveda, heart from the sanskrit "hirdya". It is this ring Hanuman took from Sita, while in captivity and brought it to Ram as a message to say she was still his wife. The Church sanction marriage as ordained by God and is somehow holy but omit sex which is at the very heart of that union. Of the four aims of an Aryan, sex is one known as Kama, in yoga it is often sexual union and the science of Tantra alludes to that. The concept in tantra is interplay of shiv (male) and shakti (female) energy. The concept of male and female arise from this originally, in Adam and Eve and the serpent represents sex as it does in yoga. The union of male female is considered the nearest one attains to godly bliss. Osho deals with this aspect in his  book "Krishna the Man and his Philosophy" Hindus today bear the scars of invasions by religions and the need is to rediscover the faded Aryan culture which is termed "Sanatan" (eternal) for good reason.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Brown Englishmen of India

A reply on Indian History Part2

Mr Avari may be right that Moguls ruled India, from 1526 till 1857, but Mr Avari teaches at a UK University and that is a problem for me a student of Indian history, why? because the victor writes history, in this case the Moguls and the British. Indians or Hindus have yet to write their own history, poverty being one reason. But what writers like Mr Gandhi really mean is "Hindus" have been under attack since Islam was founded. "India" is a British term likewise "Hindu" is an Islamic term . The indigenous "Indian" term is ARYAN and has been so for 5000years. Aryans (pagans) are known as "Idol worshipers" by Islam and others. Mohamed was born a pagan (who's ancestors worshiped the crescent moon and the Kaaba(black stone), both attributes of Shiv a Hindu deity) set about converting the peoples of  Arabia in 630.  In 637 Zoroastrians of Iran fell to Islam, then the Hindus and  Buddhists of Afghanistan where decimated by 900BCE. So by 1526 many parts we call India, Kashmir,Pakistan,Bangladesh today, had fallen under Islamic rule. This is repeated throughout Asia, Malaysia and Indonesia both had a Hindu past. Mr Avari quotes from a British history of India and I won't disagree

Untold Indian History a reply

Mr Avari in "Historical Exaggerations" (AV 25th Jan 2013) wants to have his cake and eat it. He says " The British brought post-Renaissance and post-Enlightenment philosophy of Europe into India and helped introduce modernity" and ends with " It was not the Muhgals who trampled India's dignity, it was our good old British friends". Both are tainted with what Edward Said in his book "Orientalism" states as "the other", a western view of peoples of the East. Muslim rulers decimated Hindu temples as per Koranic verses and a holocaust of 80 million Hindus dead resulted, since their arrival in Hindustan (Islamic term), a mountain range named so (Hindu Kush). The Europeans sucked the blood out of their colony, be it the Goan Inquisition 1545, the Panipat 1761,Jhansi 1857-8, and Jallianwala Bagh massacres, or mutiny of 1857. Truth be Europe was lifted from its 800 years of dark ages by Islamic scholars, who combined the knowledge of Ancient Greece and Ancient Hindus. In particular Fibonacci in "Liber Abaci" (1254 ACE) introduced Hindu mathematics to the British, via the Italian Renaissance. More telling is when the US colonies fought free from the British King, in 1777 with descriptions of him as "destroyer, plunderer, waging war, death, desolation, tyranny" his defeated army promptly set off to "modernise" India according to Mr Avari and his chart, resulting in the cataclysmic decline of Indian GDP, well documented by Marxist Indian Histroy, leaving it in utter poverty by 1947, and only because they themselves were bankrupted by WWII. One thing Europe did teach India is do learn from your own history.

America and world poverty

US is the problem not the poor. US is 5% world population and uses 33% of world resources and they have a military to keep it so.

India total government spend  $263bn for 1100bn people (2012 budget)

UK health budget                    $176bn annually for 50m many wealth inflicted illnesses (2012)

US military budget                    $650bn annual spend to keep its way of life  (2012)

One US government department is three times the size of India

If we tried to live like Americans we will need four more planets like earth 

"There is enough in world for every bodies need but not for every bodies greed" MK Gandhi

Monday, February 17, 2014

Anti Hindu Western Academics

Under the guise of scholarly study academics like Chicago University's Wendy Doinger are blatantly writing offensive and factually incorrect books. Legal action in India resulted in an out of court settlement by Penguin (India) leading it to withdraw her book "The Hindus" in India. It was not banned by the Indian government, unlike Salman Rushdie's Satanic Verses. Wendy's paymasters website Chicago University Divinity School mission page quotes "ministry students become priest's and chaplains" "prepare students for service of churches". Studies of Hindus by such bodies lack a certain credibility. The Oxford Center of Hindu Studies invited her as a guest speaker which I thought was insensitive and naive. Promoting such studies will put off the next generation of Hindus from their own dharma, misleading them at best. A glance at the Upanishads will show how logical and well argued each and every Hindu thought is, and is not just a matter of faith. The same thinkers founded Hindu numerals, mathematics and Sanskrit, a mathematically precise language. If Wendy cannot defend her book in an Indian court, refused all invitations to a open debate with Vedic scholars then Hindus should seek to get the her book removed from sale worldwide. Relying on Western academics sometimes is akin to asking an Islamic scholar to explain Hinduism to Hindus

Monday, February 10, 2014

Reclaiming Sardar Patel's Legacy

I visit India every winter and each visit produces amazing sights which lift my spirits, inspire and humble me. On this occasion it was Sadar Patel's ancestral home in the village of Karamsad, Gujarat. A simple dwelling in the center of a modest village, for Indians it equal to a visit to Buckingham Palace, the home of one of the nations greatest founder. I was greeted by a woman, it's sole caretaker who lives next door, her upkeep services are at no charge, so entry was free and I was the only visitor.
Stepping into the house I felt I was  walking on sacred ground, even though the floor was of cow dung. Photos of  Sardar Patel, Mahatma Gandhi and Pundit Nehru, various freedom fighters from the pre-independence movement adorn the walls in this simple tiny one story dwelling. But pictures of Sonia Gandhi (an Italian)  and her son Rahul Gandhi seemed incongruous, for me the current leaders have lost the true spirit of the freedom fighters while accumulating billions of dollars. Memory of the fourth fighter, Mahamana (great mind) Malaviyaji has also been erased, instead the decedents of Indira Gandhi are laying personal claim to a heritage they have little link with, Gandhiji modeled his life on the Bhagavad Gita of which Mahamana was a scholar and renowned Sanskritist, he was also the Mahatma's  "rock". I am hoping the next Modi government will reclaim their true legacy on behalf of India.